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FIA Proposes Fusion Investment as Part of Infrastructure Bill

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

The Fusion Industry Association has proposed that fusion be included as a part of the upcoming infrastructure legislation that Congress will consider. Fusion energy will be the backbone of America's energy infrastructure. Fusion can help fulfill President Biden’s ambitious goals of net-zero carbon for electricity by 2035 and net-zero carbon for the economy by 2050.

Fusion energy is safe, clean power, and with the right support and investment, it will be ready to combat the climate crisis sooner than many have predicted. Private fusion companies are preparing to build proof-of-concept machines that are capable of breakeven carbon-free fusion power, within this decade.

This can be accelerated with direct government investment into fusion, working in partnership with scientific teams in the government program. The FIA proposes a $1 billion Milestone-Based Fusion Energy Development Program in the infrastructure bill to accelerate fusion energy. This program was established in the Energy Act of 2020. It would ensure that fusion energy will be available to the American public in the upcoming decades, and it would secure the United States as a leader in fusion technology, giving the U.S. an advantage in the global race to carbon-free commercial fusion power.

This program would be an important part of the infrastructure bill because it would create thousands of high tech jobs in the short term, and would lay the basis for American global leadership in technology for the long term. Other countries are already taking steps to further the commercialization of fusion, and the US should not be left behind.

The full document containing FIA’s recommendation for a new cost-share program is embedded below.

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