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Fusion Event: FIA/ARPA-E Capability Teams "Lighting Round" Event

On July 22, ARPA-E and Fusion Industry Association co-hosted a virtual Lightning Round. The event consisted of three sessions with Capability Teams funded by ARPA-E giving short presentations to the FIA Membership.

The event provided an efficient way for FIA members to receive information about the teams and capabilities, and ask questions and make connections for detailed follow-up. If there is interest, FIA Members should contact the teams directly about opportunities to work together.

Session 1: Diagnostics for plasma parameters

  • LLNL/UCSD, Simon Bott-Suzuki (UCSD) (for Clement Goyon, LLNL), A Portable Thomson Scattering System to Measure Plasma Density and Temperature

  • ORNL, Ted Biewer (ORNL), Portable Diagnostic Package

  • PPPL, Sam Cohen (PPPL), Ion energy analyzer (IEA)

  • ORNL, Elijah Martin (ORNL), Doppler-Free Saturation Spectroscopy (DFSS)

  • UC-Davis, Neville Luhmann (UC, Davis), Ultrashort Pulse Reflectometer

Session 2 Diagnostics for neutrons and photons

  • LANL, Glen Wurden (LANL), Soft X-ray, EUV spectroscopy, neutron, and fast-imaging diagnostics

  • Rochester/LLE, Jonathan Davies (UR/LLE), Neutron Diagnostics

  • LLNL, Drew Higginson (LLNL/UCB), Portable & Adaptable Neutron Diagnostics for ARPA-E (PANDA)

  • Caltech, Paul Bellan (Caltech), 1D Coded Aperture X-ray Camera

Session 3 Theory/modeling and costing

  • Rochester/LLE, Petros Tzeferacos (UR/LLE), A Simulation Capability Team for Innovative Fusion Concepts

  • VTech, Ammar Hakim (PPPL) (for Bhuvana Srinivasan (VTech), Theory, Modeling, and Validation for a Range of Innovative Fusion Concepts Using High-Fidelity Moment-Kinetic Models

  • SapientAI, Craig Michoski (SapientAI), Data-enabled Fusion Technology (DeFT)

  • MIT, John Wright (MIT), Radio Frequency Scenario Modeling for Breakthrough Fusion Concepts

  • PPPL/WSI, Simon Woodruff (WSI), Fusion Costing Capability Team

The team “trading cards” with contacts and information presented during the event are now available below and linked for download by clicking on the session title.

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