Fusion Industry Videos

As private fusion has grown, producers have started to create videos about the exciting advances in fusion. Below is a selection of videos produced by major media organizations fusion energy and what's next from private fusion companies.

The U.K. Startup Trying to Change the Way the World Gets its Energy

Bloomberg - Oct. 29, 2019

Is Nuclear Fusion the Answer to Clean Energy?

CNBC - Oct 28, 2019

Fusion Could Be Key To Powering Our Future, If Scientists Can Solve One Question

NBC News - Feb. 28, 2019

Nuclear Fusion Energy: The Race to Create a Star on Earth

Motherboard - October, 2017

Is alluring but elusive fusion energy possible in our lifetime?

PBS Newshour – January 18, 2017

Fusion TED talks

Below are a selection of important TED-style talks about the importance of fusion energy.

Michel Laberge: How synchronized hammer strikes could generate nuclear fusion

Our energy future depends on nuclear fusion, says Michel Laberge, founder of FIA Member General Fusion. His secret recipe? High speeds, scorching temperatures and crushing pressure.

Fusion energy and why it is important to chase the impossible

Making the highly scientific accessible to all, Melanie discusses the prospect of nuclear fusion energy, and how harnessing the thermal processes of the sun could lead to a new generation of energy.

With Success in Fusion, the Energy Crisis is Over!

Derek Sutherland, CEO of FIA Member company CT Fusion explains exclaims that the energy crisis is over and explores how nuclear fusion can revolutionize energy production. Derek extols the many virtues of fusion and how with research and public support it can become reality.

Fusion Documentaries

As private fusion develops, film makers are shooting movies to document the advances in fusion.

Let There Be Light

Watch a trailer of Let There Be Light, a film about the quest for fusion.