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Fusion Regulatory White Paper

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

The FIA White Paper "Igniting the Fusion Revolution in America" outlines the promise of fusion energy, the background on regulation, and proposes a series of principles for regulation. The recommendations and background are targeted towards the specific legal and regulatory issues within the United States, but the principles outlined in the document apply broadly towards regulators around the world.

The key recommendation is that:

U.S. policymakers should establish a broad legislative and regulatory framework that explicitly and permanently removes fusion energy from the regulatory approaches that the federal government has taken towards fission power plants.

Furthermore, the document shows how the U.S. "has created a framework for safe construction and operation of experimental fusion energy devices that has worked well for decades." The White Paper explains how engaging state-level regulators has also worked for FIA affiliate member companies, and can ensure robust growth of the industry across the U.S. The FIA is keen to engage with regulators around the world as they look at fusion

The Fusion Industry Association's Regulatory White Paper, "Igniting the Fusion Revolution in America" can also be downloaded.

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