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Fusion Event: ASCENDx Space Power and Propulsion Summit

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

On June 15, Fusion Industry Association members will participate at the ASCENDxSummit “Accelerating Pathways to Space” on New Opportunities in Fusion for Space Power and Propulsion.

On June 15, Fusion Industry Members will hold a panel discussion moderated by FIA’s Julie Reiss, reiterating their progress declared at the Tri-Agency Compact Fusion Workshop back in April on the technological advancements that may enable fusion energy to help with the development of space power and propulsion.


• Julie Reiss of the Aerospace Corporation


• David Kingham of Tokamak Energy

• Stephanie Thomas of Princeton Fusion Systems

• Setthivoine You of Helicity Space

• Doug Witherspoon of NearStar Fusion

The entire event is now available to watch through on-demand viewing via Zoom after a simple and quick registration. The link to this is on the event’s website: ASCENDxSummit: Accelerating Pathways to Space

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