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FIA Event: Emergence of the Fusion Industry - London

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

On Wednesday, March 4, 2020, about 70 attendees joined the Fusion Industry Association to hear about "The Emergence of the Fusion Industry" at K&L Gates' office in the City of London. After an introduction by FIA Executive Director Andrew Holland, Scott Hsu the U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, explained how they’re working to both accelerate the timeline of fusion energy, and reduce the costs. He said that public private partnerships are working to accelerate fusion and disrupt the fusion model. A note from Adam Baker, Assistant Director of the UK Bureau of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy underlined the UK government's support for fusion research, development, and deployment. With the completion of talks from US and UK government representatives, Melanie Windridge, the Director of UK FIA, moderated a panel including Nicola Daly, Senior Investment Manager of Legal and General; Jonathan Carling, CEO of Tokamak Energy; Bart Markus, Chairman of First Light Fusion; Tim Bestwick, Director of Business & Innovation at the UKAEA; and Domenico D’Andrea Senior Business Developer, Fusion, Air Liquide. Highlights of their comments include: that "Public-Private Partnerships are “absolutely fundamental” fusion development;" "fusion will only be solved by thinking about it differently" and a note that while "fusion is tremendous challenge, it is also tremendously needed." In addition, "Large devices require major companies, who are able to limit risk by knowing what they’re doing;" and that "investing in fusion is not binary- success or failure. It’s about collaboration, acceleration, and development."

Nicola Daly, making the case for investing in fusion said "We believe that it’s important to invest for capital returns, but also for a better society: Fusion could be a game changer in a world that needs game changers.” The event concluded with questions from the audience and a robust discussion that lasted long after the close of the event.


8:30-8:40 Introduction and fusion overview

Andrew Holland Executive Director, Fusion Industry Association

8:40-8:55 The ARPA-E model for fusion development and partnerships

Dr. Scott Hsu Fusion Program Director, ARPA-E (US)


Panel Discussion: Perspectives on The Emergence of the Fusion Industry

UK government Adam Baker Assistant Director, BEIS

Financial industry Nicola Daly Senior Investment Manager, Legal & General

Energy industry Domenico D’Andrea Senior Business Developer, Fusion, Air Liquide

Fusion industry Jonathan Carling CEO, Tokamak Energy

Fusion Industry Bart Markus Chairman, First Light Fusion

Moderator Melanie Windridge UK Director, Fusion Industry Association

Attendees: Mixture of government, energy industry, and investors looking to establish a foundational level of knowledge and familiarity within the investment community regarding the acceleration of fusion development. Continental breakfast to be provided. Open to Press.

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